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Cheerful Hospitality and Boundaries

May 12, 2015
Cheerful Hospitality and Boundaries

There is nothing that gives me more joy then opening up my home to people. I enjoy being hospitable and welcoming. However, sometimes it becomes assumed that anyone and everyone can come into my home anytime and eat whatever they want.


Are You my Neighbour?

September 30, 2014
Are You my Neighbour?

When someone talks about being a good neighbour or loving your neighbour, we know she is referring to more than just the person living above your apartment.


How to be Tolerant and a Christian

February 25, 2014
How to be Tolerant and a Christian

Vice is everywhere. Some is socially acceptable and some is not, depending on where you live and what year it is.


In My Brokenness

June 25, 2013
In My Brokenness by Annalisa Patenaude

Most people are surprised to learn I was once overweight. To cope I constructed what I thought was an indestructible wall around me. I didn’t want to face my problem. But at 19 years old, the wall came crumbling down.… more

Testing Perfection

June 4, 2013
Testing Perfection by Robyn Roste

Now that I’ve been married for a couple years I think it’s safe to say the toughest part for me is learning how to share.


Saying "No" to Temptation by Saying "Yes" to Integrity

May 14, 2013

A few years ago I lived in an isolated community. I was transplanted there for work and as it was a quick transition I wasn’t terribly organized. In the end I had to spend my own money for work and then submitted expense forms to the head office.


A Mountain of Rest

February 26, 2013
A Mountain of Rest by Laura Vanderwel

It was July, and I had the worst cold in the history of me and colds (we go way back). My sister and her husband were moving six hours away and the whole family was helping them. Their new place was up in the mountains in a resort town, perfect for their adventurous lifestyle.… more

Protecting Your Mind

October 9, 2012
Protecting Your Mind by Robyn Roste

A couple years ago I read a blog post about movies and it stayed with me.



July 10, 2012
Procrastination by Robyn Roste

For the most part I’m good at avoiding procrastination. Well, that’s not exactly true. I procrastinate, but I give myself early deadlines so even if I procrastinate till “the last second” I’m still finishing my task with plenty of actual time.


Taking Singleness Seriously

April 17, 2012
Taking Singleness Seriously by Robyn Roste

For the past couple months Chuck Swindoll’s series on marriage, Strike the Original Match, has been on the air.… more

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