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Finding Balance Between Today and Tomorrow

March 24, 2015
Finding Balance Between Today and Tomorrow

It's a motto, a saying, a pop song, a punk ballad, and even a movie. We've heard it so many times its meaning is dulled and clichéd even.


Compartmentalizing God

July 8, 2014
Compartmentalizing God

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t take your work home with you?”


Anxiety and Math

June 10, 2014
Anxiety and Math

The simplest way to say it is I just don’t have a head for numbers.


Balancing Act: Dealing with Expectations and Guilt

May 27, 2014
Balancing Act: Dealing with Expectations and Guilt

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Well, I have this cold and it’s just not going away.”

“Tell me, are you a perfectionist?”

“I guess. I hate missing deadlines. I like doing my best.”


Finding the Confidence to Trust

July 30, 2013
Finding the Confidence to Trust by Jeremy Postal

My young daughter has absolute confidence in me. Without hesitation or question she throws herself off the top of a staircase, fully expecting me to catch her. This happens more often than I hope and not always while I’m watching.


In My Brokenness

June 25, 2013
In My Brokenness by Annalisa Patenaude

Most people are surprised to learn I was once overweight. To cope I constructed what I thought was an indestructible wall around me. I didn’t want to face my problem. But at 19 years old, the wall came crumbling down.… more

Testing Perfection

June 4, 2013
Testing Perfection by Robyn Roste

Now that I’ve been married for a couple years I think it’s safe to say the toughest part for me is learning how to share.


My Tug of War with Trust

April 16, 2013
My Tug of War with Trust by Annalisa Patenaude

Recently married, my husband and I are still adjusting to life together. One adjustment is shared chores around the house. We’ve worked out a good system but the other day I found myself rewashing the dishes moments after he had finished.


A Mountain of Rest

February 26, 2013
A Mountain of Rest by Laura Vanderwel

It was July, and I had the worst cold in the history of me and colds (we go way back). My sister and her husband were moving six hours away and the whole family was helping them. Their new place was up in the mountains in a resort town, perfect for their adventurous lifestyle.… more

Living to Plan

February 12, 2013
Living to Plan by Analea Styles

I like to plan. I love having big aspirations and events to look forward to. Birthdays, vacations, dinner parties, the next three years of my life…or perhaps someone else’s. Plans for the future can make the dull dreariness of the present more bearable.

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